Homage to Ogden Nash

I love to eat with just a spoon—soups, puddings too, if there is room. I love to eat with forks and knives while dining in with friends and wives. I love to eat with little sticks, especially the tricky bits. But most of all with hands and fingers or any things where flavors lingers.


Published Aug. 2020, SpillWords Press.

2 Replies to “Homage to Ogden Nash”

  1. LiseK @Liseclaire1, June 2022: “This is so lovely (not just for the least reason: it brought a huge smile to my COVID recovering face!) Well done.”

  2. Martin Potter @PotterVillamil, June 2022: “I like the internal rhymes, and the subtle hint of metre while it’s still free verse. Maybe the irregular rhythm is a bit like the sounds of cutlery on a plate when someone has a meal.”

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