If (when)

If, for example, we die (and I’ve heard otherwise).
Not if but when, I’ve heard.
I would argue (suggest)
There is no truer when than now.
We live unless (until) we say we die.

And only then if I agree
And we agree
And others too
And once agreed
Must not be spoken of
(Which, all said, appears
To be the dyingness).

Living, living now, and thus—
If (when) we’ll agree amongst ourselves—


L’chaim! (pronounced luh-khah-yim) a Hebrew toast. Literally— To life!

Published in: “3201 e’s” 2018

2 Replies to “If (when)”

  1. Scott Iverson Scott Iverson says: Reply

    I really love these poems!
    They exude a Kevinesque “je ne sais quoi”.
    But I keep reading his work, finding inspiration, and from his work and his words,
    I find that life is better.

    Scott Iverson

    1. Thanks, Scott. I’m glad.

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