Standing.  Alone.
A yellow sky.  A shudder, grind
And hesitation of the earth.
Below, black seas heave and sigh
Against a scar of land.
Night.  Yellow sky remains.
Arc and flicker.
I breathe.  Night fades.
A shallow breath.
Acid rain falls gently.


Pangaea: Proto-continent existing hundreds of millions of years ago eventually breaking into two continental masses, Gondwana & Laurasia. Gondwana: made up of areas now Africa, most of Australia, India, South America & Antarctica.   Laurasia: North America, Greenland, Europe & Asia north of the Himalayas.

I put myself there, at the sundering.

Published in: “souls arriving” 2006: “Letter to the White Imbongi” 2013: “3201 e’s” 2018

2 Replies to “Pangaea”

  1. Helen C Almaraz @HelenCAlmaraz1: “I love the explanation that you put yourself there at the sundering. It adds so much [con]text to the wonderful poem.”

  2. Corinna Board @CorinnaBoard, May 2022: “Hi Kevin, I really like this poem! (thanks for the notes about ‘Pangaea’ they really helped me understand your piece.) It has a beautiful melody to it, from the ‘shudder, grind/ and hesitation of the earth’ through to the ending line, stunning! ❤️”

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