Raising a glass

Lord Jesus died for all our sins
& so, t’was mighty big o’ Him.
Especially since He hadn’t any
& all the rest of us ha’ plenty.

Now ‘t seems to me a shame t’ waste
Such charity & love—Such grace.
I drink t’ drink and t’ our Father’s smile
& t’ sins what makes His gift worthwhile.


2 Replies to “Raising a glass”

  1. Scott Iverson Scott Iverson says: Reply

    The greatest summation of Christianity in Irish history!
    I can see it now, Protestants and Catholics together raising their glasses!

    1. Ha! My dear old Mum said differently, but then she was English. You’d need to be willing to adopt the man’s beingness at that moment and see it as a slightly blasphemous Irish toast. Or a grace. I like your take on the matter.

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