Come What May


Holding, come what may, each other
until unseen time folds us under.

And if, and though by plan or chance, we pass
from out this life into another, yet another—
Two parts within this Great Adventure,

For us, for now, an hour more, a day, a breath,
no matter, come what may.


This poem is set to music by British singer/songwriter Nic Evennett whose musical, magical artistry can also be found HERE.

Published in: “Poems for Relationships” 2017: “3201 e’s” 2018

3 Replies to “Come What May”

  1. From Nic Evennett, 2015, “This is so beautiful.”

  2. I’ve read several and really like them. But this is my favorite.

    1. Thanks James, one of my faves as well. kjt

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