Unbeleuchtet Grau— sullen words to greet the day;  (Unlit grey)
Grim mort, rising— Der Dichter ist für immer tot.  (The poet is forever dead)

Criticasters shouting, “Poetry is dead— Tod für immer!”  (Death forever!)
Wrested down; stripped of form, of action, futures
— Scat-mongers. Scat mangeurs.  (Shit eaters)
Oh no! No! No! No! NO!

Bring him to! With your/my/our aesthetics
with purpose, ardent, godslike, unbridled—
Arise! Renew! Release! and Sound!


Mort is the note sounded on a hunter’s horn to signal the death of his chosen quarry.

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  1. J-T Kelly @JHyphenTKelly, 2022: “Wow! Stretching our multilingual vocabularies!
    I like the defiance: if you trumpet my death, I will signal my rising with a great noyse also. Thank you!”

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