3 Replies to “Relax…”

  1. Poetry2Art, June 2022: “Your poetic contribution above is profound.”

  2. All from August 2017

    * Roisin, “Short and sweet, I love it.”

    * Star BG, “Thanks for your writing OR…
    What ever doesn’t kill you
    opens the heart
    to let sunshine in.”

    * Orion Schwalm, “Hah!”

    * Elena. “Nice!”

    * Mike Marshall, “Fun!”

    * patty m, “Ain’t that the truth. I love your style and the way you get your point across with a minimum of words. :o)

    * Terry Jordan. “Gave me a great belly laugh to existential madness & pain-bravo!”

    * Alber:, “Great. Please write more like it.”

    * HelenHelen, “Love this. Nearly Haiku”

    * Ian Lewis Copestick, “Hahaha! Good poem.”

    * Richard L Ratliff, “Clever enjoyed your humor”

    * A Embers, “This put a smile on my face… thank you!”

    * Deep Ponderer, “So sweet”

    * Anne Curtin, “This is a wonderful reminder – thanks & Congrats on The Daily! !”

    * Ayaz, “Relax!”

    * Ricky, “Truer words couldn’t be spoken (well, I’m sure they could 😉 )”

    * MSM, “On point! Short and simple…”

    * Geraldine Brennen, “That mad me laugh out loud! Great poem…”

    * —, “True point.”

    * Historian E Lexano, “HAHHAHA…powerful”

    * Born, “Just wow”

    * Jobira, “Very true. Patience is a virtue so keep it calm and heads up”

  3. 9 words to sum up a whole way of living. Brilliant!

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